Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Dungeons & Dragons: Tyranny of Dragons

Review copy courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

Dungeons & Dragons Tyranny of Dragons Cover
New cover for the book.

There was a compilation of the two parts of the Tyranny of Dragons story line into one book. This makes it a bit different than my usual reviews, because the adventure itself hasn’t changed. Instead they’ve been compiled together and have a fancy new cover. To see my review of Rise of Tiamat, click here. I missed Hoard of the Dragon Queen. I thought it was an alright adventure. Certainty easier to run than Rise of Tiamat. And fairly well suited for new Dungeon Masters compared to some later ones. It's much closer to a traditional dungeon delve in structure. The art is the same, as the previous releases. So really, it’s not so much of a review as an informational post about it. I’m happy to see it in one book, and would’ve preferred if it released that way, but it’s not as exciting as a brand new book.

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