Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dungeons & Dragons: Harried in Hillsfar

Since I wrote about the free adventure that was in issue 4 of Dragon+, it's probably a good time for me to talk about the free adventure in issue 3 (yes, there was a free adventure there) called Harried in Hillsfar. As usually, I'll go over the general structure, problems and what can be scavenged.

Overall Structure

This adventure is really 5 separate adventures that can be used independently or combined together. Each one is shorter than the adventure in issue 4, but they can be combined to create a bigger adventure (be careful of order since 2 in particular work better when done in the right order). When done so, they are not as closely connected as you might like but at the same time it works to showcase a wide scope of things (I think it could work quite nicely as a lead into Rage of Demons). Naturally there's quite a bit of combat but there is also a lot of room for role-playing (a good portion of which will need to be thought up by the Dungeon Master or improvised).


This adventure has a few problems with it though none are that major.
  1. There are two handouts listed but only one provided (you'll need to rewrite the coloured text yourself or white out the black text)
  2. Though information is provided to tie the adventures together on the handout, the role-play alternative is barely touched on and will take some time for the DM to develop
  3. Some strange typos will force you to reread parts of the adventures (nothing too weird but it is quite distracting)

What Can Be Scavenged

The adventures are demon themed to fit as an introduction to the Rage of Demons story line. However, undead and demons being a common enemy in D&D, it makes it fairly easy to recycle if running that kind of campaign. Some of the adventures even come with puzzles or riddles that add to the general aesthetic and can be ran as is without heavy modification (adventures 4 and 5 are the best example of this) since they are more tied to demons than they are a specific feature of the adventure. The riddle rooms can be lifted exactly and thrown into other adventures quite easily. You could probably combine adventure 4 and 5 into one bigger adventure quite successfully as well (trap door in the church).

Overall Opinion

I found these adventures a lot more enjoyable than Shackles of Blood. It's partially due to the riddles (which aren't too hard and all have a less desirable alternative if necessary) and to the overall atmosphere, but I found them to be quite enjoyable. Some parts, especially where role-play is concerned, will need a bit of polish but I don't think that is too much of a big deal (it's hard to provide a good balance for role-playing sections since most times players will go in a different direction than the adventure provides, even if only slightly). It also seems quite to expand and work into other adventures. Have fun and give it a shot. You can't go wrong with free.

2016/10/09: Fixed issue as pointed out by comment. I had coloured and black text reversed in the problem section. 


  1. I know this is old, but I have to make one correction. The "Prophecy" is the colored text (ie "The first is at...", "The second runs...", etc). The notes are the black stylized text ("New Master?", "Beets? Goodroot, perhaps?", etc). So, if you want handout 2, you have edit out the black script... not the colored text.

    1. Ahh, good catch. I must have mixed up the order when I wrote that. Fixed it and added a note. Thanks. Congratulations on being my first comment as well.